Located in Farmersvilles Commerical Historic District listed in the National Registyery of Historic Places Red Door Antiques was opened in June 2011, in historical downtown Farmersville, Texas, just 35 miles east of Dallas.  It occupies a  one-part commercial brick structure that is situated at the northwest corner of McKinney and North Main Streets. The building has been on the site since 1892, but it is difficult to state whether or not the building dates to this period or if the facade and exterior were constructed in the 1920s. We have recently undergone a facade restoration that included the removal of aluminum coverings to expose the transom windows, engaged brick piers, and original cast iron columns. The original threshold reading “M.A. Jackson” is still intact. The facade restoration included the replacement of the modern storefront with a more historically appropriate storefront.

The three-bay building has a modern aluminum double door entry with a single large glazed display window to either side. The display windows are encased and supported by stained rough-hewn lumber. A tie-rod canopy of lumber and corrugated metal is attached just above the transom windows. A corbelled parapet wall contains three decorative rectangular brick inlays, each with a diamond-shaped cast stone in the center and cast stone squares in each corner. This brickwork is original to the structure. The east elevation of the building indicates that there were probably at least two windows, one near the front and another at the rear, that have been bricked over.

The front window had a tie-rod canopy, as is suggested by the existing metal hooks. The majority of the elevation has been painted a cream color. Ten-star anchor plates are evenly spaced along the top third of the building. A double door is at the north end of the elevation. Like the front window, it can be inferred that the door probably had a transom window and a canopy as the metal hooks are still in place.

Previous tenants include D.G. Clothier from 1892-1921 and Goldfinger’s Dry Goods in 1945, according to the Sanborn maps. In an 1885 picture, it shows that this location was a grocery store.

Red Door Antiques has been voted one of the best antique stores in 2016 and 2017. Voted Best Home Furnishing in 2019.

Top left-hand corner shows “M.A. Jackson Grocery” dated 1885

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