Chalk-Tique Powder Additive

This will not change the color of any paint and no sanding or priming is required. Once Chalk-Tique is added to paint, it will not change the shelf life of the paint – so you can use it again and again! Most pieces require only one coat.
Each Chalk-Tique Powder Additive 4 ounce jars contains two (2) cups of powder additive, enough to make two (2) quarts of chalk-style paint.

Why buy expensive chalk-style paint when you can make your own! You can use Chalk-Tique Powder Additive and turn your ordinary leftover paint into chalk-style paint that’s easy to use and can adhere to almost any surface. Once mixed with water and then added to your paint, Chalk-Tique Powder Additive turns any latex, acrylic, or water based paint into a durable chalk-style paint. Use Chalk-Tique paint mixture on finished or unfinished (bare) wood, glass, ceramic, laminate, and metal. This additive gives any water base paint a durable matte finish that can be easily distressed and waxed to create a beautiful patina and antique look.

  • Great way to add new life to any worn out furniture or antique
  • Use up old paint you have on hand, or use with inexpensive water based paint
  • Gives paint a thick creamy texture that covers easily and allows for minimal prep work
  • Easy to distress (once paint is dry) with sandpaper and Chalk-Tique Paste Wax for a rustic antique look
  • Create your own paint, create your own style