Leather Conditioner

A creamy lotion like conditioner that penetrates, preserves, and protects smooth leather.
This unique blend of deep nourishing emollients and natural waxes revives dried-out leather back to its soft, natural condition without becoming greasy or sticky.
Ideal for any smooth leather found on couches, shoes, purses, auto interiors, tack and saddles.
Deeply penetrates into leather.
Restores dry sun-faded leather.
Helps leather resist cracking, scuffing, and dry rot.
Natural waxes help repel water and add protection.Conditions and protects smooth leather with lanolin, neatsfoot oil, coconut oil and aloe vera.
Protects with carnauba wax and beeswax. Contains no harmful solvents or silicones.
Not intended to be used on suede or nu-buck.